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I know I say I’ll add photos often.  I lie I guess.  I do like this image though.

Four guys walking past a billboard in the Brady District last year.




Philbrook Opens – a long time ago it seems

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Crazy but I’m still looking through stuff I shot and considered for year end contests.  I like this just not sure where it should have been entered.

I Shot this early in the year just before the Philbrook museum opened their door in the spring.


Tough Tulsa – Tulsa Tough – Bicycle Race – more meta data to follow

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Tulsa recently hosted the Tulsa Tough bicycle race.  Renee and I went down to Cry Baby Hill to get the buzz on and grab a few photos in the process.  It’s an exceptional place and one hell of allot of fun ~~ see you there next year!

This what waits for the racers as they turn onto the hill… 



and just a few more photos that should see the light of day

This girl is probably still recovering from the sunburn.










A Little House Cleaning

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If it’s cool.

I’m going to just toss out some images I’ve been keeping around because I like them but don’t fit any particular theme etc..

Sunset over Muskogee

Hanging out with friends and watching the sunset over the Kerr Waterway.  Not a bad view off the back porch – don’t cha know.

The Harley from Heaven – I could ride this!

Bumped into it parked in an alley when shooting an assignment in Bartlesville.

My Neighbor – This is a Bared Owl sitting on the peak of my shed.

Pulled into the drive and it was just sitting up there so I grabbed a quick photo.  Then put the longer lens on, then the BIG lens (800 mm) he just sat and watched me work.

I love these birds!  Keep the mice and vermin down in the neighborhood (small dogs and feral cats as well).  Good Neighbors in my book!

Hot – exercising in the 100+ Degree heat.

My take on doing chin ups in the heat wave we have had this year

The Dream

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Recently I covered a rally in support of the DREAM Act.

I kind of expected it to be the same chanting and ranting most rallies turn into.  It wasn’t.  I actually stayed and listened to the speakers and their message.

These are the photos I liked.

A Dedicated teacher and a very impassioned champion for the kids.


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We got the application for Fiesta in the “Mail” yesterday and it got me thinking about this photograph I shot last year.  I didn’t fly this morning and so grabbed the camera and went for a walk to see what I could find. 

Ran up against guy inflating in pretty breezy conditions and crowded in between the basket and his car’s bumper for the shot.  He turned around an told me to be careful seeing I was in between the two.  I thought it was funny actually since I’ve said that to hundreds of people over the years who get back behind me and shoot photos as I inflate my balloon.  Stayed a few minutes and then split when he was about ready to heat it up so that he wouldn’t have to keep track of my location 

I like the lady on the right that is completely in shadow and that you can’t see the pilots face.

Baylie ~ 1/320, ISO 320, 14mm, Underexposed by a stop to make the colors pop.


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You see, I told my second Cuz I’d do a 365 project if she did.  Well January 1 she was publishing and I’d thought nothing more about it.  Then the guilt started. So, here we go ~ a 365 project to honor my promise, to learn how to blog, to get past my queasiness of posting my stuff on the internet. 

Ifigured since I didn’t have a milestone like Jan 1 to start off the project I’d use the Superbowl. 

Feel free to comment on anything you see!