We got the application for Fiesta in the “Mail” yesterday and it got me thinking about this photograph I shot last year.  I didn’t fly this morning and so grabbed the camera and went for a walk to see what I could find. 

Ran up against guy inflating in pretty breezy conditions and crowded in between the basket and his car’s bumper for the shot.  He turned around an told me to be careful seeing I was in between the two.  I thought it was funny actually since I’ve said that to hundreds of people over the years who get back behind me and shoot photos as I inflate my balloon.  Stayed a few minutes and then split when he was about ready to heat it up so that he wouldn’t have to keep track of my location 

I like the lady on the right that is completely in shadow and that you can’t see the pilots face.

Baylie ~ 1/320, ISO 320, 14mm, Underexposed by a stop to make the colors pop.



One Response to “Ten”

  1. I was wondering when I was going to start seeing some Balloon photos!
    Love it!
    The composition is awesome.

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