A Little House Cleaning

If it’s cool.

I’m going to just toss out some images I’ve been keeping around because I like them but don’t fit any particular theme etc..

Sunset over Muskogee

Hanging out with friends and watching the sunset over the Kerr Waterway.  Not a bad view off the back porch – don’t cha know.

The Harley from Heaven – I could ride this!

Bumped into it parked in an alley when shooting an assignment in Bartlesville.

My Neighbor – This is a Bared Owl sitting on the peak of my shed.

Pulled into the drive and it was just sitting up there so I grabbed a quick photo.  Then put the longer lens on, then the BIG lens (800 mm) he just sat and watched me work.

I love these birds!  Keep the mice and vermin down in the neighborhood (small dogs and feral cats as well).  Good Neighbors in my book!

Hot – exercising in the 100+ Degree heat.

My take on doing chin ups in the heat wave we have had this year


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